How to submit a manuscript or poster to the 5MWFC?

In this short tutorial, we describe the procedure to submit either a manuscript or poster to the 5th Mexican Workshop on Fractional Calculus (5MWFC).

Step 1

Go to the 5MWFC website:

Step 2

Go to the submission page and read the guidelines. It would be possible by hitting the menu Home -> Submission or just by clicking this link:

Step 3

Scroll down to the page bottom and hit the EasyChair link ( in the Paper submission system.

Step 3.5 (Create an EasyChair account)

If you don’t have an account on the EasyChair platform, you can create a new one. Create an account and enter the information requested with a valid email. Follow all the steps provided by EasyChair.

You must check your email inbox and confirm your account creation.

Step 4

Log in to EasyChair for 5MWFC using your account.

Then, you will see a page like this:

Step 5 (New Submission)

To create a new submission, enter the option: “make a new submission“. Fill in the information requested about you and each author. To enter your personal data stored in the system, use “click here to add yourself” in the author position corresponding to you. Check the corresponding author option only on the author who will carry that role.

Step 6

Then enter the title and abstract of your work (either manuscript or poster).

Step 7

Enter at least three keywords. Consider that these must be listed as one for each line. (A keyword can be a phrase.)

Step 8

Finally, upload the PDF version of your work*. Wait until the document is successfully uploaded.

*Do not worry about the kind of submission; we’ll manage to notice which one is a manuscript or a poster.

Step 9

Press the Submit button and wait for no errors.

A summary page with your submission number will appear if the procedure is completed successfully. Plus, an email will reach your inbox notifying your submission.

Step 10

Grab a coffee cup and enjoy while we review your submission. Please, check the important dates:

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